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President Kuchma has no chances for premiership?

Ukrainian presidential nominee, socialist leader Alexander Moroz believes that even in case of the scheduled constitutional reform Leonid Kuchma cannot take the Prime Minister's post after the end of his presidency.

"I think nobody in this parliament will back Mr. Kuchma's candidacy for premiership," Alexander Moroz said at his Saturday meeting with voters.

The main idea of the political reform in Ukraine is the redistribution of authorities in the system "parliamentary majority - premier - president" in favor of the parliamentary majority and government.

This reform is backed by President Leonid Kuchma, the parliamentary majority, communists and socialists. Viktor Yushchenko's bloc Our Ukraine and Yulia Timoshenko's bloc come out against it.

Alexander Moroz is one of the main reform supporters. In his opinion, the reform will raise the efficiency of state institutions.

On June 23, 2004 the Ukrainian Supreme Rada approved the bill "On the introduction of amendments into Ukraine's Constitution". It got support of 276 deputies, well above the 226-vote threshold.

The final voting for the bill will take place in September. All in all, 300 votes are needed to adopt the bill.