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Kerry taking over, slightly

A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll shows that John Kerry got a boost from selecting of North Carolina Sen. John Edwards as his running mate.

The Democratic ticket now leads President Bush and Vice President Cheney 50% to 45% among likely voters, according to the survey taken Thursday through Sunday, with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 2%. The Kerry-Edwards lead widens to 8 points, 50%-42%, among registered voters, reports USATODAY.

Asked in the TIME poll who would make a better President, Edwards or Cheney, nearly 47% of the registered voters surveyed answered Edwards, while only 38% preferred the Vice President, who wields more influence than any other Vice President in memory, and who came to the job with more impressive credentials than the Governor of Texas, having already been a member of the House Republican leadership, Secretary of Defense and White House Chief of Staff.

According to CNN, as for how he envisions the role of someone whose required duties begin and end with breaking ties in the Senate, Kerry too seized the chance to contrast his pick with Bush's, telling TIME he plans to give Vice President Edwards "a very powerful position, properly utilized. I don't think it has been properly utilized in this Administration. I think it's been excessive, and I intend to be a President who is on top of what's happening in every regard. On final decisions, I'm not going to be pushed into them the way I sense this President was."

As for his view of the job, Edwards said, "We will talk constantly about issues. He'll know what I believe and what I think needs to be done. But at the end of the day, the President of the United States has to make the final decision. The American people expect that, and I expect that. And both of us understand that."