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Bush sure he was right

On Monday, U.S. President George W. Bush defended the invasion of Iraq and trial over Saddam Hussein despite intelligence' flaws about alleged weapons of mass destruction that have never been found in Iraq.

According to UPI, Bush repeated that Iraq, which had used poison gas in the past and was known at the end of the first Gulf War to possess such weapons, posed a danger.

"Although we have not found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, we were right to go into Iraq," he said during a visit to Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. "We removed a declared enemy of America who had the capability of producing weapons of mass murder and could have passed that capability to terrorists bent on acquiring them.

Mr Bush made clear he would not rethink the approach after Friday's damning report by the Senate intelligence committee. The report concluded that the Central Intelligence Agency made serious errors in asserting that Saddam Hussein's Iraq possessed or was developing weapons of mass destruction, reports Financial Times.

While acknowledging that the report "has identified some shortcomings in our intelligence capabilities", he said that would not cause him to reconsider the approach that led the US to invade Iraq.

He pointed to other victories in the war on terrorism, noting that Pakistan is working with the United States. "Today, because we are working with Pakistani leaders, Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror and the American people are safer," he said, quoted Voice of America.

The president's approach to Iraq and terrorism is a big issue in this U.S. election year. With American troops still facing dangers, and taking casualties, Mr. Bush is stressing to voters that building a free Iraq is crucial to U.S. security, and each victory in the war on terror is essential.