Russia is EU top priority partner

The Russian Federation is a top priority partner of the European Union, reads the analytical report of the foreign relations department of the French Economic and Social Council. This constitutional consultative body under the French government drafts conclusions and analytical documents on government decisions in social-economic sphere.

The recent EU expansion (on May 1 ten countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus joined the EU) made Russia EU's closest neighbor, Council's rapporteur Lucien Bouis told journalists on Tuesday. According to him, it is time to resume our dialogue and implement our partnership agreement.

However, foreign investors are concerned about the great number of ambiguous laws in Russia, he noted.

The report addresses both the French government and EU heads, Lucien Bouis said. The Economic and Social Council is to discuss and confirm the report on Russia-EU relations at its plenary session on July 6-7.