Lukashenko does not rule out joining EU

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko does not rule out that in future Belarus may join the European Union.

"As soon as we find a compromise with the European Union and our interests coincide, Belarus will become a EU member," he said on Tuesday, accepting credentials from the Austrian Ambassador Martin Wukovich.

Belarus today may be reproached for being somewhat different from the EU, the Belarusian leader said, "but were are not in the EU and make no problems for Europe." Belarus today is a barrier in the way of illegal migrants to Europe, a barrier for trafficking in drugs and arms, he said.

Speaking about relations with Austria, the Belarus President stressed that "increasing the rate of cooperation growth depends exclusively on the Austrian side."

"Trade and economic relations between Austria and Belarus may develop at a higher pace, but it is for the Austrian side make progress in these matters." Belarus, he said, is prepared for such cooperation. "I think relations with Austria will be wonderful and this time is not far distant," Lukashenko said.