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The hunt for the Al-Quaeda bosses continues

At least one militant was killed by the Saudi police on Thursday in a shootout in Riyadh, witnesses and Al Arabiya television said. Al Arabiya said two policemen were also wounded.

Al Arabiya, which is Saudi-owned, said police shot dead two militants in the north of the capital but witnesses in the city's Nakheel area said one militant had been killed in the gun battle so far.

The shootout was the second in Riyadh in as many days. Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, has been battling a wave of violence linked to al Qaeda for over a year.

Earlier this week, Saudi police shot Abdullah Mohammed Rashid al-Rashud, number 22 on the interior ministry most-wanted list, but Riyadh says the man killed today was another "more dangerous" extremist. But, authorities have refused to name him.