Pyongyang highly assesses Russia's role in six-nation talks

Pyongyang notes Russia's active role in the six-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear program.

"Russia actively supports our key position on package settlement at the six-nation talks," North Korean ambassador to Russia Pak Ui Chun told journalists in Moscow.

According to him, Pyongyang highly assesses Russia's actions during the third round of the talks.

North Korea believes that the terms of freezing of its nuclear program depend on the US compensation, the ambassador said.

In his words, North Korea demands lifting of sanctions and blockade and fuel and energy aid equivalent to 2 million kilowatts.

This proposal is the first step on the package solution of the nuclear problem and is caused by the complete lack of trust between the US and DPRK, Pak Ui Chun noted.

North Korea offered the US to give up its demands for absolute, controllable and irreversible dismantling of the North Korean nuclear program.

Having thoroughly analyzed US proposals, DPRK came to the conclusion that they contain nothing but demands for our disarmament, the ambassador stressed.

As a matter of fact, it means that the US is ready to discuss its counter steps only after our unilateral nuclear dismantling, Pak Ui Chun said.

The ambassador also criticized the US proposal on the three-month preparations for nuclear freezing. "This item is nothing but trivial and unreal obstinacy," the ambassador noted. The freezing terms will depend on the satisfaction of North Korean demands for compensations.

Pak Ui Chun did not directly answer the question on Pyongyang's return to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

"We withdrew from the NPT in response to US and IAEA negative politics against North Korea," he said.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team