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IAEA inspectors visit Iranian nuclear facility

"IAEA specialists examined today the peaceful nuclear facility, Lavizan -Shian, at our invitation, and took the necessary samples," a source in the Organisation of the atomic energy of Iran told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

According to him, "the aim of the current examination is to clear the remaining issues within the framework of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, and to create an atmosphere of greater trust in relations between Teheran and the Agency." The source also confirmed that the IAEA inspectors may visit other facilities as well but did not name them.

A US surveying system has been installed at the Lavizan-Shian. Such devices are used at nuclear enterprises to estimate the dose loads on the personnel as well as for scientific purposes and in medicine for the check-up of the population.

First information about this facility became known during the June session of the IAEA council of governors in Vienna. Indicatively, the Lavizan-Shian issue was initiated by the USA despite the fact that, according to some data, the equipment established there was made by the American Canberra-Industries firm.