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International conference in Lebanon: a dialogue, not a conflict of civilizations

The participants in the international scientific conference in Lebanon will discuss the problems of interaction between the cultures of Russia and the Lebanese Orient.

Representatives of various cultures, religions, organizations and ideological trends from Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are going to exchange opinions on such urgent problems as terrorism and political culture, the foundations of the spiritual culture of Islam and Christianity, the state of and prospects for the Arab-Russian dialogue, and the process of globalization and its influence on the Arab world and the future of non-western cultures in the 21st century.

One of the conference organizers, head of the Lebanese-Russian House in Beirut, professor Suheil Farah said this was the third international conference which covered the rapprochement of the two great cultures - the Russian and the Arab-Lebanese.

We study the experience of Russia and the East, interaction between various ethnic, religious and party groups, and our main task is to show that a dialogue and mutual enrichment may exist between the two civilizations, he said.

"The aim of this conference," said head of the Russian delegation member of the upper house of the Russian parliament Ramazan Abdulatipov in an interview with RIA Novosti, "is to show that the world is not one-polar and that it represents many cultures and religions."

"Unfortunately, ever less room remains for original cultures and peoples as a result of globalization. In this sense the experience of Russia and the Lebanese Orient, the experience of their historic relations is interested not only from the viewpoint of the interaction between the two cultures but also between two cultural communities. Rich historic experience has been accumulated in Russia and Lebanon concerning the coexistence of various religions and cultures," he added.

"We also want to show that the pictureof modern world is determined not by confrontation, not by a conflict of civilizations as the thesis, which prevails now, asserts but a dialogue between them. Civilizations cannot collide. Ignorance and fanaticism can. They should be overcome, and the way opened for interaction of cultures," Mr. Abdulatipov stressed.

A book will be published after the conference in various languages, which will be spread throughout the world through the UNESCO bureau.