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Tatneft negotiating new tire contracts in Middle East

Tatneft, an open joint stock company (Tatarstan), is negotiating to expand its presence in the tire market in Iraq.

"The new contracts on tire deliveries to Iraq will be concluded soon," a representative of the company told RIA Novosti.

The company fulfilled two contracts to ship tires to Iraq, which were made before the beginning of the war and the company has been paid in full for its services.

The three new contracts are for the deliver of 12,000 tires and the contracts are worth 1.7 million euros. "Our partners proposed paying in this currency," the representative said.

Tatneft ships tires that were made at the Nizhnekamsk tire factory, of which Tatneft owns more than 50%.

"The company has won a tender to deliver tires to Syria," the general director of Tatneft, Khamit Kaveyev said in a Tatneft press release that RIA Novosti received on Monday. "The company will deliver four standard sizes of Nizhnekamsk tires to Syria."

The contract to deliver 3,000 tires is worth $500,000.

"It is the first time Tatneft will sell tires on the Syrian market," the press release said.

Tatneft-Neftekhim, a limited liability company, is a large holding company that formed in July 2002 as an efficient management group for enterprises in the oil and gas sector.

The holding company consists of nine enterprises and more than 21,000 employees. These enterprises produce an estimated 13 billion rubles in goods. Almost all of the enterprises in the company are involved in a single technological process, which the production of tires is the final stage.

Nizhnekamsk tires are used in regions of Russia, in the former Soviet Union, England, the United States, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries. Thirty percent of the tires that Nizhnekamsk produces in Russia carry the trademark Kama. The high quality tires have been given awards at Russian and international exhibitions.