Most popular vehicles in Bulgaria

Bulgarian auto market has marked a steady up-rise in car sales over the last year, with a growth of 43.3 percent for the first five months of 2004 compared to same period 2003.

The recent Automobile Hall in Sofia, raking place for a fourteenth time, has reflected that trend selling more than 1,300 cars, while last year that number scarcely reached 900 deals.

Peugeot has confirmed its leader position on the market, registering intensive interest to its latest released model 407.

Renault and Citroen are also proud with the results, showing a total of 221 and 140 cars sold for the time of the expo.

However, Japan's Toyota has entered the books as the fastest market-progressing model in Bulgaria over the last five years.

Sofia-France Auto, Ford Moto Phohe, TM Auto and Toyota occupy the largest share of the automobiles sales market.

Still, Bulgarians are mostly fond of Skoda Fabia, which has sold a total of 400 vehicles since the start of the year.