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Teheran insists its decision to resume uranium enriching is legitimate

Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said it was his country's legitimate right to resume uranium enriching.

"Resuming the production of component parts for centrifuges and assembly of centrifuges are our natural and legitimate right," Mr Kharrazi said in the statement RIA Novosti obtained on Monday.

Mr Kharrazi said Iran would be promoting its interests in that sphere.

Yesterday, Iran announced it was resuming the production of component parts for centrifuges and the assembly of centrifuges, which was due to begin on Tuesday, June 29. Iran adopted this decision after the United Kingdom, France and Germany had withdrawn from relevant agreements with Iran, under which they were to ensure the closure of the Iranian "dossier" at the latest meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran, for its part, was to voluntarily suspend uranium enriching activities.

Iran believes the European Union thwarted its obligations by advancing a tough, anti-Iranian draft resolution at the IAEA Board of Governors meeting.

Yet, Teheran said it was prepared to carry on high-level talks on its nuclear programmes with Britain, France and Germany.

IAEA General Director Mohamed ElBaradei said at a Moscow news conference yesterday that Iran would hopefully stop producing component parts for uranium enriching centrifuges.

Mr ElBaradei added that the IAEA was holding talks with Iran seeking to stop component parts production.

"The fact that Iran temporarily suspended the production of such components enhanced trust between the country and the agency considerably," said the IAEA chief.

Mr ElBaradei emphasised that Iran must be open to all relevant IAEA inspections.

Hassan Rouhani, Secretary of Iran's Security Council, announced the country's intention to resume uranium enriching activities on Sunday.

"We have informed the European countries, Great Britain, France and Germany, that on June 29 we are resuming the production of component parts for centrifuges and their mounting," he told reporters on Sunday.

Mr Rouhani also reaffirmed Teheran's readiness to hold talks on the peaceful use of nuclear energy with European countries.

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