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Russia's exhibits at equipment and armaments exhibition in Beijing

Shown at the second international exhibition of police equipment and arms "China Police-2004", which is opening on Wednesday in Beijing, the exhibits of the leading state agency for the promotion of Russian military hardware abroad Rosoboronexport, are orientated above all on the requirements of China and countries of the region.

"We are demonstrating at the exhibition products of the Russian defence industrial complex of both military and civilian purpose, targeted both on China's market, and on the markets of South East Asian countries," a Rosoboronexport official spokesman said.

In his opinion, "experts will no doubt take note of Russia's VSK-94 and VSS sniper rifles designed to engage manpower wearing anti-fragment armoured vests or travelling in soft-skinned transport vehicles in conditions that require noiseless and flameless firing."

Rosoboronexport stands will also feature the SR-1 self-loading pistol, the SR-2 machine pistol, the SR-3 compact-sized automatic rifle, the PSS pistol with little demasking effect, the Bizon-2 and Bizon-2-01 machine pistols, weapons for underwater shooting, and other special equipment.

Rosoboronexport specialists will also demonstrate numerous night-vision instruments, which allow special units to operate in conditions of limited lighting.

"These devices are noted for their lightness and compact size and ensure optimum visibility at distances of up to 700 metres in poor lighting and up to 250 metres in total darkness when using powerful inbuilt infrared illumination," the source explained to the agency.

He indicated that all these devices "can be used both for military and police purposes and for civilian aims: during search and rescue operations, night-time surveillance, patrols, night hunting, or photo/video filming."

"Specialists will be undoubtedly interested in systems for protecting particularly important facilities: one of the few really functioning biometric access managing system Senesys, and also the intelligent system of video surveillance with computer vision Orwell 2K , which guarantees the enhanced security of facilities guarded," the source told the agency.

The Rosoboronexport stands will also show software for cryptographic protection of information of the Kripton series, which ensures the safety of confidential information - commercial, banking, and insurance, tax secrets, personal data, etc.

"The Russian exhibits are also much concerned with the themes dealing with the creation and use of new materials, for example, those based on basalt and powders with nano-crystalline structure, which can be used for the manufacture of particularly precise, ruggedised, heat-proof and durable articles, devices and assemblies," the Rosoboronexport spokesman added.