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Ambiguity over Polish, Bulgarian withdrawal from Karbala

Reports say that Karbala patrolling troops, including Bulgarians and Polish coalition forces, have started a move out of the holy city center.

The 480-strong Bulgarian contingent was in charge of guarding the mayor's building and several streets in the center.

Citing the local police head Abbas Fadel, DPA news agency reported that the city security is in the control of Iraqi police.

However, Bulgaria's Defense Minsiter denied the information that the Bulgarian troops have been redeployed in the outskirts of Karbala handing over security duties to the local police.

Recently President Georgi Parvanov, Army Commander-in-Chief, suggested and discussed with Polish Army officials, including President Kwasniewski, the options of withdrawing Bulgarian infantry unit and deploying it in a coalition base out of the city.