New Iranian parliament begins work

At the first session of the seventh convocation of the Iranian Majlis (Iran's one chamber parliament) on May 27, the new parliamentarians will swear allegiance to Iran and its constitution.

"In accordance with the fundamental law of the country, if two thirds of the parliamentarians are present, the Majlis is considered to be valid and can begin work," a spokesman for the Iranian parliament's press service reported.

In February, 285 deputies were elected in the parliamentary elections. In the near future, run-off elections will be held in the constituencies where the candidates did not get the required number of votes," the spokesman told RIA Novosti.

An expert at the Iranian Center for Political Studies said, "the new Majlis, where moderate liberals and radical conservatives constitute a majority, was active even before it started working. At the urgent request of an influential parliamentarian, Iranian President Mohammad Khatami made radical changes in the ministries responsible for financial and economic affairs."

"The Builders of Islamic Iran party is the majority in the new parliament," he said. Its main slogan is "Development Not Only in Dreams."

Many observers believe that Khoddad Adel, the leader of the party, will be elected chairman of the Majlis. Earlier, the post had only been held by representatives of the clergy.

Under the constitution of Iran, whose founder is the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme power in the country belongs to the religious leader. The president, the moderate liberal Mr. Khatami, is the head of the executive power.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team