Consideration of North Korean Nuclear Issue at UN Security Council is a Prelude to War

The very fact of the consideration in the UN Security Council of Pyongyang's nuclear programme is a prelude to war, the spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in connection with the session of the UN Security Council scheduled for April 9.

"The Iraqi issue was considered in the UN Security Council, but this was used by the United States as a pretext for unleashing the war," the statement stressed. "The United States wants to dictate its demand on disarmament to us also. The Iraqi war shows that the consent to inspection on disarmament does not prevent war but, on the contrary, brings it about," said the spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

Pyongyang points out that "neither the international public opinion nor the UN Charter could prevent the US attack on Iraq." "This shows that war cannot be prevented even if a non-aggression treaty with the United States is concluded," says the statement. "Only a powerful military force, which makes it possible to beat off any attack, being made with the use of up-to-date weapons, can prevent war and defend the security of the country and the nation. Such is the lesson given by the Iraqi war," believes Pyongyang.

The spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry pointed out that one of the three countries which has been included by the USA into the so-called "axis of evil," "is becoming a victim of the merciless military attack." "There will be no greater mistake than to think that we shall accept the demand to disarm when such a spectacle is developing before our eyes," the statement says.

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