Russian Ambassador to U.S.: Differences on Iraq Must Not Hamper Bilateral Relations

Russian ambassador to the United States Yuri Ushakov believes that differences on Iraq must not hamper the development of relations between Moscow and Washington.

"History will not forgive us if we let the differences between us and mutual irritation undermine our capability of addressing security problems of the 21st century," the Russian diplomat said in an article The Washington Post published on Thursday.

He stresses that Russia and the United States should carry on joint work as the Iraq war, whatever its outcome, will not end the struggle against international terrorism and the global effort to control weapons of mass destruction, for which Russia and the United States as the two largest nuclear powers bear special responsibility.

Ushakov reminds in The Washington Post article that over the last two years an unseen-of progress has been made in creating a positive atmosphere in relations between Moscow and Washington. "We cannot develop bilateral relations further without learning to trust each other," said the Russian diplomat.

The two countries have to learn a lesson from both attainments and failures in cooperation, which will make it possible to see what can be done to achieve common goals.