Before This Year's End Russia Will Withdraw Weapons from Transdniestria

Last night, two trainfulls of Russian military property were sent from Trandniestria to Russia at a one-hour interval.

17 flatcars and carriages with machines and property of the armour and automobile services have been sent from Tiraspol (the administrative centre of the self-proclaimed Transdniestrian Republic of Moldova) to Russia, report informed sources at the headquarters of the Russian operative group of troops. At about the same time, a train of 20 carriages with artillery ammunition left the operative group's depots 120 kilometres north of Tiraspol.

The tempo of withdrawal of Russian military reserves from Transdniestria fully corresponds to the approved schedule, said the headquarters.

At the Brussels negotiations on the Transdniestrian settlement earlier this week, ambassador-at-large and presidential representative Alexander Novozhilov reaffirmed Russia's intentions to withdraw the arms and machinery from Moldova before this year's end.