Russian foreign minister urges end to Iraqi war

The Russian foreign minister has urged an immediate end to the war in Iraq.

"The sooner we will terminate the war, the sooner we will sit down at the negotiation table in the UN Security Council and start resolving the problems Moscow, Washington and the international community are so much concerned about," said the minister.

According to the information and press department of the Russian foreign ministry, Ivanov has given an interview to the CNN television.

"When Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the war in Iraq was a major mistake he thought not only about Russia but about the USA as well. We can see now how the war is taking a heavy casualties toll both among the Iraqi population and US and British servicemen," he said.

According to Ivanov, Moscow and Washington are interested in disarming Iraq and in stability in the region.

The minister added that he was confident that it could be achieved through joint use of political means.