Moscow Denounces Japanese MPs for Setting up Association to Reclaim "Northern Territories"

Moscow considers the decision of the Japanese parliament to set up an association to reclaim the northern territories "unfriendly and counter-productive".

The Russian party believes that this step of a group of Japanese legislators "contravenes the positive trends that are now dominating the Russian-Japanese relations", the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department reported.

On March 25th, Tokyo hosted a constituent assembly of the so-called parliamentary association to reclaim the northern territories and to develop relations with the four islands. According to the published information, the group aims at "reclaiming from Russia the islands of the South Kuriles, Iturup, Kunashir, Habomai and Shikotan".

Such actions "are in conflict with the two countries' task of developing bilateral relations and preserving the constructive atmosphere at the talks on a peace treaty," the Russian ministry pointed out.