An Affront to the Laws of Humanity

It is but the one-sided slaughter of a defenseless people, almost half of them children

The United States Armed Forces have started to attack and invade Iraq, a nation that has not threatened the United States, is practically unarmed and is exhausted from years of a vicious US-imposed economic siege. The invasion is intended to overthrow the leadership of a sovereign state, member of the United Nations Organization. The unilateral decision violates international law, is in breach of the UN Charter and is the result of the greatest diplomatic failure in our nation's history. It has exposed our troops to the war crimes tribunals already prosecuting Israeli military leaders. It encountered global opposition and staggering demonstrations. The overwhelming preponderance and sophistication of American firepower is such that this assault cannot qualify as 'war'.

It is but the one-sided slaughter of a defenseless people, almost half of them children, an affront to the laws of humanity so profound that it "cries revenge before God" said the Vatican. Because there is no enemy, except perhaps in the tortured minds of ageing draft-dodgers, there can be but an empty victory for the nation that has managed to turn the nearly universal sympathy she received after September 11th into nearly universal contempt. Americans have been easily manipulated into supporting this illegal and unjustified rush to aggression with forged 'evidence', massive outright lies, support from the Democratic party and the gleeful assistance of a collaborative and warmongering mainstream media. Dulles NOW activists therefore join international demands for the respect of Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity. President Bush must stop hostilities immediately, return our country to the family of nations and favor the political solutions already available in the existing UN Resolutions specifically passed to resolve the Iraqi crisis. To that effect, the UN General Assembly must waste no time in calling an emergency session to condemn the US-led Anglo-American onslaught.

Dulles Now press release, Marie-Jose Ragab, President