Russia-Belarus Union to Meet World Challenges?

World challenges can only be met by a powerful union, and the Russo-Belarus union has a good chance to become that, Professor Sergei Nebrenchin, deputy head of the Union Public Chamber's Central Council, said.

According to the official, with the US war against Iraq spreading beyond the limits of the region, it is a question of key importance to stop it, otherwise the conflict might involve all Eurasian countries, including those of the Central Asia and the CIS.

In this connection Nebrenchin stressed the need to form a system of collective security and stability in Eurasia, whose population approximates 5 bln people.

A spearhead to promote the Russia-India-China-Iran Civilisation Union has already been organised, the Russian scientist said.

Nebrenchin thinks it necessary to start forming a legal basis for the Eurasian continent. "Only after that shall we be able to speak about a dialogue of civilisations, stability and security".