USA Can Fabricate "Finding" of Mass Destruction Weapons in Iraq

The United States can fabricate "finding" of mass destruction weapons in Iraq or "evidence" of Baghdad possessing prohibited weapon programmes, a Russian military expert, who decided to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti.

"The information war" conducted by Washington against Iraq "is no less intensive than the military operations themselves", he stated.

Mass media of many countries point to the fact that filming of mass surrender of Iraqis hardly resembling regular Iraqi soldiers is, most probably, "an open falsification", RIA Novosti's interlocutor stressed.

The Russian military expert believes that American propaganda in the war against Iraq is failing.

Anti-war demonstrations are becoming increasingly frequent all over the world, he recalled. New York hosted the biggest anti-war demonstration in the last 15 years. A total of at least 1,500 people were arrested in San Francisco for participation in a similar demonstration. As far as Europe is concerned, the most violent clashes of demonstrators with police took place in Spain, a major ally of the U.S. and Britain, which supported war against Iraq in the UN Security Council.

"In some regions located rather far away from the conflict area, for example, Latin America, there are violent demonstrations of protest, too," the interlocutor pointed out.

The Russian expert also pointed to the weakness of America's statements that its standpoint on Iraq and its military operations were supported internationally. "Even if we believe that Washington enjoyed the support of 45 countries, which included Palau and Solomon Islands to make them more, it still makes only 24% of the total number of the UN member-states, the expert stressed.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team