Non-Alignment Movement Calls for Recognising War Against Iraq to Be "An Act of Illegal Aggression"

Calls for recognising the war against Iraq to be "an act of illegal aggression" were sent to all the members of the UN Security Council on behalf of the Non-Alignment Movement, Prime Minister of Malaysia and president of the Non-Alignment Movement Dr. Mahathir said while speaking before the active members of the OMNO ruling party.

According to him, other Moslem states, too, can be subject to U.S. military strikes after the end of the war in Iraq.

As the head of the government of Malaysia stressed, despite Washington's assurances that the war in Iraq is not directed against Moslems, it is becoming clear that precisely Moslem states will be the next target of the USA.

Mahathir recalled that Washington had already included Iran in the list of the countries of "the axis of evil", and then the turn of Syria, Libya and possibly the Sudan may come. The Malaysian leader did not substantiate this statement.

Mahathir accused the U.S. administration of combining the functions of "a judge and an executioner" and added that the elevation by Washington of the right to punish other countries to the rank of its policy is worrying, since any country can now be subject to American attacks.

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