Ukraine mourning the victims of air crash outside Lvov

In connection with the July 27th air crash outside Lvov, western Ukraine, which took the toll of many lives, President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma proclaimed Monday a Day of All-Ukrainian Mourning.

As was reported on Sunday by press secretary of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Sergei Nagoryansky, on Monday the head of the government, Anatoly Kinakh, will fly out to Lvov where the mourning has been lasting for the third day now.

On July 27th, during an air show outside Lvov, the Su-27 fighter, which performed a demonstration flight, crashed down on the crowd of spectators. According to the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry, as a result of this accident, 83 people died, including nineteen children, 66 people were injured, including 21 children - all of them have been hospitalised. Out of this number, 23 people, including seven children, are in a very grave state.

The burial will take place on Monday.

The Prosecutor General's Office has launched a criminal case.

In connection with the accident, the Ukrainian President signed decrees on removing from their posts Colonel General Viktor Strelnikov, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Air Force, and Colonel General Pyotr Shulyak, head of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Viktor Strelnikov and another four officials, who were directly responsible for the holding of the air show near Lvov, were arrested on Sunday at the instructions of the republic's Prosecutor General. They are accused of the neglect of their duties.

Ukrainian Minister of Defence Vladimir Shkidchenko submitted a resignation report to the President. So far, the President has not taken any decision in this connection.