More than 40 people died as a result of the air catastrophe in Lvov

According to the preliminary information provided by the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry, more than 40 people died and 80 were wounded as a result of the air catastrophe which occurred in Lvov on Saturday.

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, in the course of a demonstration flight a SU-27 fighter fell onto the crowd of spectators.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the crash of the fighter was caused by engines failure.

The press service of the head of the Ukrainian state reported that in connection with the air crash Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma terminated his vacations in the Crimea and urgently flew to the tragedy site.

In connection with the tragedy Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his condolences to Leonid Kuchma.

The aviation show in the suburbs of Lvov was organized in the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the 14th Ukrainian Air Force division.