In connection with the air catastrophe in Lvov the Ukrainian President terminated his vacations

The press service of the head of the Ukrainian state reported that in connection with the air crash in Lvov Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma terminated his vacations in the Crimea and urgently flew to the tragedy site.

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, in the course of a demonstration flight the fighter fell onto the crowd of spectators. At least 20 people were killed, about 80 were wounded. The pilots of the fighter successfully baled out.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the crash of the SU-27 fighter of the Ukrainian Air Force was caused by the engine failure. At the same time, according to the operative officer on duty at the Russian Emergencies Ministry with reference to the information received from Lvov, during manoeuvres the SU-27 touched a parked aircraft and after that lost the flight trajectory and started falling down.

On the instructions of the Ukrainian President a governmental commission was established to investigate the incident.