Moscow regards North Korea as promising partner in Asian-Pacific region

Russia regards North Korea as a promising partner in the Asia-Pacific region, said Alexander Yakovenko, the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to him, Moscow and Pyongyang have common problems of security and peace in the region, the growth of economic potential of both countries, the achievement of Korean settlement and striving for multi-polar world order.

The forthcoming talks in Pyongyang on July 27-28 will focus, in particular, "on the key issues on the agenda" of the minister session of the ASEAN Regional Security Forum and the discussion of the prospects for the Forum's activity, Alexander Yakovenko said.

Russia and North Korea's common standpoints on such issues, as the need to consolidate strategic stability, concern for the anti-ballistic missile defence plans in Asia, antagonism to military settlement of conflicts and fight against international terrorism, form the background of close cooperation on the international scene, the official spokesman noted.