Russian vessels seized in Indonesian coastal waters

Indonesian naval guard service detained a Russian vessel in the coastal waters of the Rhio province in the north-eastern part of the Sumatra island.

According to the telephone report of Colonel Adjaman, chief of the Naval base in Batam, on Friday, 26 July the patrol ship "Adjak" of the Indonesian Navy stopped for examination the Russian transport vessel "Professor Goryunov" which was carrying sand to Singapore.

According to Adjaman, examination of cargo documents revealed a number of inaccuracies made during their issuance. In order to investigate all the circumstances of the matter the Russian ship with the crew of 30 was escorted to the Batam port.

According to the information of the ANTARA agency, in addition to the Russia vessel, Indonesian seamen detained another 6 transport vessels which carried sand to Singapore, among them being vessels under the Japanese and South Korean flags.