Putin, Chirac to negotiate in Sochi once again today

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and President Jacques Chirac of France are to hold yet another round of talks here today. The Russian-French summit will also wind up later in the day.

Talking to reporters, deputy presidential-administration chief Sergei Prikhodko noted that both leaders will attend a working breakfast; Putin and Chirac will chat face to face in the presence of their interpreters alone.

According to Prikhodko, the two leaders intend to discuss various issues, which were not examined by them the other day.

Putin and Chirac discussed specific issues pertaining to the problem of the Kaliningrad region, the Chechen situation relations between Russia and the G-8, as well as prospects for bilateral trade-and-economic cooperation during the first round of their talks July 19th. The two Presidents mostly discussed international issues, including the Afghan situation, the Mideastern situation, as well as European developments in the field of defense and security, throughout their July 19th working dinner.

In Prikhodko's words, the President of France asked the Russian leader's opinion of the Afghan situation and subsequent regional developments, with due account taken of Russia's involvement in Afghan affairs.

Talking about the Mideastern problem is concerned, both Presidents noted that any optimal assessments were still lacking in this sphere.

Talking about European-security issues, Prikhodko noted that the President of France was Russia's supporter and that he was saying with great interest that the nature of Russian-European relations will largely determine the entire global situation.