Tu-154 and Boeing-757 crews tried to prevent tragedy several seconds before clash

The recorders' data testifies that the crews of the Tu-154 and Boeing-757 planes registered their mutual approach and, maneuvering, tried to prevent the clash several seconds before the tragedy, the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents in Braunschweig, the official investigator into reasons for the catastrophe, was quoted by RIA Novosti correspondent as saying.

The clash happened at the following angle: the Boeing was flying almost northward, the Tu-154 - nearly westward, at the height of 35,000 feet and at flight level 350.

The traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS) of the Tu-154 passenger liner and the Boeing-757 cargo plane, which collided over Lake Boden early on July 2, "functioned properly," the bureau pointed out.

After studying the data of the flight recorders scrupulously, which is still in duration, and on the basis of "more acute information from various sources" it is clear that the TCAS-s of the same model (Honeywell 2000) and the same modification level were installed at both planes. Both systems were in order, the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents reported.

As a result the catastrophe claimed the lives of 71 people, including 52 children. There were only two pilots at the wheel of the Boeing.