Ten victims of air crash in Germany identified

Experts are "a hundred percent sure" about identities of 10 victims of the air crash in Germany. This information was disclosed on Saturday by the head of the identification commission, which is currently working in the German town of Ueberlingen.

Names of the identified passengers have not been disclosed. It has been previously reported that experts managed to identify bodies of girls aged 4, 14, 16 and a 15-year-old boy. In addition, one of the Boeing's crewmen, a 47-year old man, was also identified.

Identification procedures are continuing. Experts are carrying out DNA analysis using genetic materials obtained from victims personal things submitted by their near and dear and saliva samples taken from their relatives. Specialists promised to complete the research as soon as possible.

In the late hours of July 2nd, a Russian Tu-154 airliner of the Bashkirian Airlines collided with the DHL's Boeing-757 cargo aircraft at an 11,000-meter altitude near the Bodensee.

There were 12 crewmen and 57 passengers /52 children and 5 adults accompanying them in a vacation/ on-board the Tu-154. The Boeing was piloted by two crewmen alone. No one survived.

Meanwhile, the Russians are becoming increasingly annoyed with Swiss air controllers' behaviour who are trying to hide their own mistakes in that dreadful night and resort to calumnies putting the blame on the Russian crew. Russia was also outraged by the reaction of certain foreign media that were trying to find proof to Swiss air controllers' lies. Mr. Leontyev, an observer of the ORT channel, called such a behavior "a sheer beastliness."