Ukraine conducted no exercises during Tel Aviv-Moscow flight of Israeli aircraft

In the course of the flight of an Israeli aircraft from Tel Aviv to Moscow, the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted no exercises with combat shooting, spokesman for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry Konstantin Khivrenko told RIA Novosti on Friday.

"No cannon shot was fired on Ukrainian territory over the past 24 hours," he reported.

The spokesman added that the aircraft's trajectory passed away from the borders of Ukrainian military testing ranges.

According to an earlier report by a RIA Novosti correspondent in Israel, the pilot of the Israeli passenger aircraft flying over Ukraine noticed a bright flash of an unknown origin in close vicinity to the plane.

The Israeli radio said as much on Friday saying a "missile explosion" could be the reason for the flash.

The aircraft of El-Al Israeli Airlines was making flight 615 from Tel Aviv to Moscow and, according to the Israeli radio, the incident happened when the aircraft was flying south of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

In line with the instructions, the Israeli pilot immediately reported about the incident to the ground controller.

Later, the plane successfully landed at Moscow airport, the report says.