Shanghai Cooperation Organisation believes that peace order in XXI century should be based on law superiority

The member-countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) believe that peace order in the twenty-first century should be based on mechanisms of collective decisions of the key problems, superiority of law and consistent democratisation of the international relationship, says the Declaration signed by the SCO member-countries at the end of the summit in St. Petersburg.

The SCO member-countries intend to "make much effort in order to prevent and peacefully settle international conflicts, connected with ethnic, confessional, territorial, political and other contradictions, strictly following the UN Charter and the International Law regulations." The SCO member-countries also intend to intensify cooperation between themselves and other countries in order to give a response to challenges of the globalisation process, its negative aspects and possible risks and preservation of various forms of economic, social and cultural development.

Globalisation and the countries' national interests are structural elements of the developing peace that do not exclude but supplement each other.

The SCO member-countries are determined to intensify cooperation in fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism as well as organised crime, illegal shipment of drugs, similar substances and arms. The SCO considers this to be transnational threats, which may only be combated effectively by collective effort of the international community.

The SCO member-countries are repulsed by all terrorists' acts and methods.

"Fight against terrorism should be based on the norms and principles of the International Law, it must not be similar to the fight against some religion, country or nationality. It should lack "trends" and "double standards", the Declaration reads.

The SCO finds it necessary that a global system of combating new threats and challenges with the UN and the Security Council acting as coordinators, should be created.

In order to take steps in this direction it is important to formulate clear principles and an obligatory international legal base in the UN framework, which would not give grounds for double interpretation of their contents and would not serve as an excuse for interfering in other countries' matters and infringing upon their independence, the Declaration stresses.

The SCO member-countries are convinced that another important step towards fighting terrorism is to deprive terrorism of a social base, for example to eliminate poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, racial, national and religious discrimination.

The SCO member-countries support each other's efforts in combating terrorism, separatism and extremism as well as the steps of the international community aimed at blocking the channels financing the terrorist activity.

The SCO member-countries confirmed their intention to contribute to the UN stronger position in dealing with international matters, increased effectiveness and influence of the UN Security Council, bearing major responsibility for keeping international peace and stability.

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