Russian Foreign Minister to discuss with US leadership the economic element of new bilateral relations

Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov, during his US visit scheduled for May 2nd-6th, will discuss with the US leadership the economic element of new strategic relations between the two countries. Official spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry Alexander Yakovenko told RIA Novosti that it was planned to discuss, in particular, the issue of the final abrogation of the Jackson-Vanik amendment and recognition as soon as possible of the market status of the Russian economy. Moscow is going to touch upon the issues of alleviating the access of Russian goods to the US market, removing restrictions on the exchange of hi-tech products, Russian integration in the WTO and encouragement of the dialogue between businessmen of the two countries. The point at issue will also be preparation of joint documents of the economic nature which presidents Putin and Bush are planning to adopt at their meeting in Moscow late in May, spotlighting the joint statement on cooperation between Russia and the USA in the energy sphere, said the Russian diplomat.