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US Specialists Complete Inspection Of US Spy Plane In China

US technicians who had stayed on Hainan Island since May 1 completed the inspection of the US reconnaissance aircraft which made an unauthorised emergency landing at the Ling Shui military base on April 1 after colliding with a Chinese fighter, official Chinese sources report. On Saturday technicians from Lockheed Martin Corporation, which had produced the EP-3 spy plane, left China and flew to Hawaii to report to the command of the US Pacific Fleet on the results of the inspection and the methods of the plane's shipment to the USA. In its turn, the Chinese side also inspected the aircraft and informed the US side of this fact immediately after the incident. The same sources also said that China and the USA will continue their dialogue on the final settlement of the issue of the US reconnaissance aircraft. As US specialists in Beijing say, the return of the plane to the USA is the issue of time. The US spy plane, crippled after its collision with the Chinese fighter, is expected to be taken apart and shipped by sea out of China.