China Accuses USA Of Seeking Military Supremacy In The World

China has accused Washington of seeking absolute military supremacy in the world after it has taken a decision on the deployment of the national missile defence system, says an editorial of the Chinese newspaper Zhongguo ribao, which comments on the recent statement by the US President on the national missile defence system and refusal to observe the 1972 ABM Treaty. The article stresses that refusal to observe this Treaty will cause a new round of the arms race and lead to the encouragement of the spread of mass destruction weapons. In the newspaper's opinion, the USA, as it seems, is pushing the world back to the cold war period and choosing the way of military confrontation instead of solving disputes by way of negotiations. As the article goes on to say, having remained the sole superpower in the world, the USA is clearly seeking to win absolute military supremacy and greater global hegemony. In its desire to secure its own interests, the USA ignores without any hesitation international laws and principles, the newspaper stresses. The actions by the Bush administration in the last 100 days clearly testify to the fact that the US egoistic position based on the principle "America is above all" is winning an ever larger support in US foreign policy, the newspaper notes. The other day an official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the destruction of the 1972 ABM Treaty would undermine the global strategic balance of forces and stability, disrupt the process of international control over armaments, and also international efforts in the field of non-proliferation.

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