Prime Minister Of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri Says That His Country Condemns Terrorism In All Its Forms

Lebanon condemns terrorism in all its manifestations and forms. This was stated by Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri on Thursday during his speech at Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, the Lebanese Prime-Minister underscored that the stances of Russia and Lebanon on this problem coincide. As far as the Taliban movement is concerned, Hariri said, "these people have nothing in common with Islam which is a religion of peace." Dwelling on the Middle-East problem the Lebanese Prime Minister said that "this region is today living through one of the most difficult periods". According to him, "the time has come to take a final decision in favour of peace." Hariri expressed the opinion that Russia can play a more active role in the Middle-East settlement as a co-sponsor. When the meeting was over, MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov thanked Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq Hariri for his speech, congratulated him on his 57th birthday and presented him with a memorial medal of the university to him.