Bin Laden – beginning of the end

Kofi Annan replies to Bin Laden’s blistering attack on the United nations Organization in last Saturday’s broadcast on Qatar-based TV station, Al-Jazeera.

UN spokesperson Manoel Almeida e Silva stated that the UN Secretary-General had read the contents of Bin Laden’s message, in which he accused the UNO of being biased and Kofi Annan of being a “criminal”.

“Obviously, he denies them and hopes that Moslems and all the other peoples in the world are not misled by them”, the same source declared.

Manoel Almeida e Silva pointed out that the UNO is “universal” and that the “United Nations is the expression of the will of all members” and that Kofi Annan believes that “the UNO does not represent any culture in particular, not even the points of view of a single Member-State”.

In taking the extremist ground he adopted in his recent message, Osama Bin Laden reveals himself to be nothing more than a successful terrorist, for the time being. His absence of political vision has limited his audience to a handful of fanatics wholly unrepresentative of the Moslem world.

In attacking the leaders of the Moslem states represented in the United Nations, Bin Laden appeals to the Islamist militant fundamentalist extremists who, like himself, are no more than heretical terrorists. The bulk of the thinking population in Moslem nations believes in the UNO as a sounding board for their (often justified) complaints.

In his broadcast, Bin Laden managed to isolate himself hermetically and totally from any reasonably useful power base he could have managed to gain, with Ramadan, his golden opportunity, slipping through his fingers.

This message was the beginning of the end for Bin Laden, a heretic who distorts the message of the Prophet Mohammed in the Noble Qu’ran. History will judge him as a defiant brat, not a freedom fighter.


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