Taliban Form Elements Of Suicide Fanatics To Hit US Aircraft From Gliders

The Taliban are forming elements of suicide fanatics to hit low-flying American airplanes from controlled gliders. They will also attack detachments of US special forces from the air as "live bombs". As the Pakistani newspaper Frontier Post wrote on Wednesday, such a plan was worked out by a Moroccan fighting on the Taliban's side. According to certain information, he is a relative of Palestinian militant Hashim Menkarah - a leader of so-called Brigade No.10 of the Palestinian organisation Al-Fath. By the newspaper's information, groups of suicide fighters who have vowed to give their lives for the cause of Islam have already been noticed in different regions of Afghanistan. They include Taliban, Arab mercenaries of Osama bin Laden, and people of other nationalities. The potential kamikazes can be distinguished from the ordinary Taliban both by their arms (the AK-83 collapsible submachine-guns) and the special stripes with dicta from the Koran on their clothes.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team