Putin Says Moscow Is Ready For Compromise Over Strategic Stability

Vladimir Putin said Moscow was ready for a compromise over the issues of strategic stability. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, President stressed during the meeting with chief correspondents of US leading media that Russia was ready to discuss the provisions of the 1972 ABM Treaty. However, Putin said, "we have to see concrete proposals from our partners: what is to be changed and what hampers the realization of our American partners' plans." The head of state stressed that the Russian position had been tougher while discussing the issue with the previous American administration. "In a nutshell, our stance was that a serious dialogue must be maintained with a person to stay in the White House for the next four years," Putin explained. "It is pleasing that George Bush turned out to be this person, and that we have good relations with him," the president added. Putin also noted that he and George Bush had agreed to link the discussion on missile defences with cuts in offensive arms. it is pleasing, the Russian President said, that "our relations are not only characterized by good personal relations, but also by a readiness to meet halfway." "We know the US President's view that there may be, and must be cuts in offensive arms," Russian President said. "This is a kind of a compromise, and we are ready for a compromise." "The question is, what kind of compromises are they expecting from us, and what are they going to suggest?" "It is up to lawyers, military experts, and diplomats," he said. After the options are given, the politicians will only have to make their choice. "I have no doubt that the options will be suggested," Putin emphasized.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team