Vladimir Dezhurov And Frank Culbertson Complete Their Space Walk

Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov and US astronaut Frank Culbertson, who commands the third regular ISS (International Space Station) expedition, have successfully completed their space walk. According to the mission-control center, both men, who are now busy drying their space suits, will relax later on. Experts are quite happy about their performance because Dezhurov and Culbertson have installed a Kurs radar antenna, which will enable cargo ferries and manned spacecraft to dock with the ISS's Russian-owned Pirs (Pier) mooring port. The two men laid cables, subsequently connecting the antenna with the Kurs system's equipment. After that, Dezhurov and Culbertson tested a boom near the Pirs mooring port, also filming and photographing the station's new solar batteries. According to mission controllers, one solar-battery section failed to unfurl; consequently, experts will be able to open it with the help of the afore-said video footage and photos. Dezhurov and Culbertson asked mission controllers for permission to try and open that solar-battery panel. However, they were not allowed to do this. The next expedition is going to accomplish this objective, mission-control center people noted. One unopened solar-battery panel doesn't affect onboard power supply a great deal, mission controllers noted. The third crew member, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, kept an eye on his colleagues during their EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity), also providing them with some helpful tips. This is the expedition's last space walk, mission-control center officials stressed, adding that the three men will be replaced early this December.

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