Kosovo Parliament To Be Formed 30 Days After Election Outcomes Are Made Public

Kosovo's parliament, the elections to which took place on November 17, will be formed 30 days after election outcomes are made public. It is the Democratic Union of Kosovo led by Ibrahim Rugova that won the majority of parliamentary seats, just as it had been expected. Then comes the Democratic Party of Kosovo and its leader Hashim Thaqi, the former leader of Albanian paramilitaries. Another major force in the provincial parliament will be the Serb coalition bloc Return, which received about 20 mandates, according to preliminary reports. Kosovo's first parliament will be in power for three years, the same term a Kosovo president, MPs are to elect by secret ballot, will be holding his/her office. A presidential claimant is to be nominated by a party having the majority of seats in parliament. Parliamentary sessions are going to be held in Albanian and Serb, with all official papers to be compiled in the two languages as well.