Exiled Leader Of Islamic Party Of Afghanistan Wants To Seize Charasiab Base Near Kabul

Gulbuddin Hekmatiar, leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan, who is staying in emigration in Iran, is going to seize the Charasiab base situated 25 km southeast of Kabul, the paper News reported Tuesday. According to the News, Hekmatiar ordered his supporters who had emigrated to Peshawar to come back to Afghanistan and conduct negotiations with warlords operating in Afghanistan, in order to seize the base. In this way once influential Islamic Party of Afghanistan is going to participate in the division of power in the country as a military, not only political force, the News emphasizes. Hekmatiar used to be prime minister in the coalition government of Afghanistan before the Taliban captured Kabul. The Charasiab base was the stronghold of Hekmatiar's party that included many Pashtoon leaders. The Taliban forced Hekmatiar's fighters to leave the base in 1994.