CIS Tax Police To Cement Cooperation

The third session of the coordinating council of CIS tax investigation bodies (CCTI) to be held in Yerevan over December 5-7 is to discuss personnel training among other issues, reports the Russian Federal Tax Police Service (FTPS). This decision was taken this Tuesday at a Moscow organizing session of the standing CCTI commission on personnel training cooperation. Opening the session, FTPS director Mikhail Fradkov reported that the federal bodies of Russia's tax police are now working in close association with law-enforcement and supervising agencies in 50 countries and most of the contacts are related to CIS countries. Some eighty-five percent of all materials received by the Russian tax police through international channels of communication come from the CIS. Over two thirds of all criminal cases sprouting beyond Russian confines have been tried on the basis of this information. With an ever growing volume of joint work, cooperation in personnel training is coming to the fore, said Fradkov.