Representatives Of Four Caucasian States Hold Discussions In Moscow

On Tuesday, Moscow hosted consultations on the arrangements for a regular meeting of the heads of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and the Russian Federation, due to take place on November 30 as part of the CIS Moscow summit. The Russian Foreign Ministry's department of information and press reported that the consultations were attended by Halaf Halafov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, and Ambassador at Large and Director of the Armenian Foreign Ministry's department of CIS states Levon Hachatryan, Deputy Foreign Minster and State Secretary of Georgia Merab Antadze, and Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Valery Loshinin. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the conferees agreed on the draft agenda for the meeting of the Caucasian leaders, as well as on other matters related to the upcoming meeting. The Russian Foreign Ministry concluded that "the consultations confirmed an intention to continue joint effort within the framework of the "Caucasian Four".