Russia Calls Collective Security Partners For Anti-Terror Teamwork

In its contacts with the USA and other anti-terror crusaders, Russia makes it a point to thoroughly reckon with the interests of its partners on the Collective Security Treaty (CST), said Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, as he was opening a foreign-ministerial conference of the treaty signatories--Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Mr. Ivanov highlighted a dynamic Russian dialogue with a great many countries on an extensive range of anti-terror issues. Ties with its CST partners retain an essential importance to Moscow in such activities, he pointed out. The minister stressed a necessity for practical action to step up foreign political partnership in support of the current international anti-terror operation. The CST countries' teamwork on the world scene is of special importance now that the world has come to grips with new threats and challenges for a lasting campaign. The current situation demands thoroughly new forms and content of international contacts, said Igor Ivanov as he appealed to the Collective Security Treaty signatories for mutual confidence and openness.