Too Early For Moldova To Join Russian-Belarussian Union: Foreign Minister

Moldova is not ready to join the Russian-Belarussian union, says Nicolae Dudau, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova. Nevertheless, Moldova is closely monitoring Russian-Belarussian integration, and has a spokesman and an observer in the union. As for membership prospects, Moldova mainly proceeds from its economic interests in the matter, Mr. Dudau said to a news conference at the newspaper Izvestia media centre in Moscow. As Chisinau sees it, participation in particular transnational arrangements requires clearly demarcated frontiers. Now, even though Russia and Belarus are neighbour countries, their integration remains extremely complicated, remarked the minister. In its foreign policies, Moldova makes it a point to take part in transnational structures at differing levels, and in integration processes--in particular, on the CIS and the GUUAM, a post-Soviet Transcaucasian and Central Asian alliance, he added. Moldova stands aloof to military-political blocs on an express demand of its constitution, stressed Nicolae Dudau.