Serbian Deputies In Kosovo Parliament To Seek Security Guarantees For All Kosovo Residents

The main goal of the new Kosovo parliament is to adopt laws which, irrespective of their ethnic origin, would guarantee security for all residents of Kosovo, said deputy Rada Trajkovic. She was elected to the Kosovo parliament of the Serbian coalition Return. Such a legal base is to be created which would ensure the possibility of free movement in the entire territory of Kosovo, as well as personal and property security for the non-Albanian population, the deputy explained in an interview to the popular Belgrade weekly NIN. She stressed that it is very important to create also legal conditions for the return to Kosovo of all Serbians which have been ousted from here by Albanians. Serbian deputies in the Kosovo parliament will also insist on getting information on the fate of over 1,200 Serbians which have been missing here in recent years. Founding assembly of the Kosovo parliament is scheduled for December 10.