Documents Enhancing Russia-Belarus Union's Defense Capacity Inked

A meeting of the joint collegium of the defense ministries of Russia and Belarus brought forth a number of documents on Thursday. They are aimed at enhancing the Russia-Belarus Union's defence capacity. The sitting was held in Moscow under the chairmanship of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov and was attended by state secretary of the Russia-Belarus Union Pavel Borodin and deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council Vladimir Potapov. Sergei Ivanov said they considered a single air defense system of the two countries, regional military group of Russia and Belarus, military-technological and scientific cooperation, improvement of the legal base and other questions related to the strengthening of the Union's defence capability. The conferees decided that legal execution of the Russian and Belarussian air defense systems is forthcoming. Formation of a joint regional group of Russia and Belarus has been completed. The goal of the joint group is armed protection of the territorial integrity and independence of the Russia-Belarus Union. On the Russian side the regional group is made up of units deployed in the Kaliningrad region (Russia's enclave in the West). Ivanov called the results of the meeting of the collegium of the Russian and Belarussian defense ministries positive and stressed that the decisions taken are aimed at promoting the two countries's combat unity.